Friggitt Shanties and Nautical Songs
Chris Turpin Vocals Ukulele Ukulele Bass
Ted Shaw Vocals Guitar Harmonica Ukulele
Allan Allsopp Vocals Bodhran Guitar
About Friggitt Chris and Ted have been singing and playing together since 2007 when they founded Friggitt. There have been a few personnel changes since then and Allan joined in 2013. Friggitt sing and play all sorts of songs and tunes with seafaring connections. The range includes traditional and contemporary pieces plus original compositions by the band members. Friggitt support traditional music through our membership of Swindon Folk Club ShantyUK Glosfolk Folklife West We love performing and we think it’s really important to be entertaining. We like nothing better than seeing our audiences having a good time and joining in. We hope to see you at one of our gigs!